Pro Principles Original: Shoe Calendar November 2015


Pro Principles

Original Content

Title: Pro Principles Shoe Calendar


Every weekend shoe companies are beating down or wallets with new releases. Whether it’s Nike, Reebok or otherwise, there is always some heat enticing you to crack open the shoe box stash of yetti in the back of your closet and grab a pair for your collection. Every Month @ Pro Principles make sure to c heck out our sneaker release calendar. The list is strictly dedicated to “the best” shoes releasing in that particular month. If your looking for Team Jordans, 1st off reevaluate your life, you wont find that here.



Check Out Pro Principles Monthly shoe calendar

Yetti – Definition: Chalupa, $crilla, $cratch, Paper, Yaper, Capital: See E40

Any Suggestions for Shoes; leave a comment

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