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Title: When nostalgia hurts your pockets

These days it’s easy to relive your younger years through your sneaker collection. They remind you of where you were or a game you played in with some heat on the court. In my opinion Nike has cornered the market by rapidly releasing “retro” shoes. Trying to keep up with al the heat gets hard for me, cause I ain’t got it like that, yet.

This week I came across an article on written by some dude called Juanofakind. The article is entitled – Jordan Brand Is Making Nostalgia An Expensive Commodity. He goes on to talk about how he felt when he first saw the Air Jordan 17

That is a classic shoe. I can remember going to my cousin’s house, and he opened up the silver case to show me what he had. It was like looking at some top secret FBI type stuff.

However, for the average Joe, it’s a little taxing to include these memorable shoes in your collection. Jordans have already gone up to 180-90. A new pair foams (see Pro Principles Oct Shoe Calendar) and the soon be released Air Jordan 17 are hitting for 250 + tax. Keep it a buck; it’s hard to justify the buy.



Check out the Article on (link Below)

Are the 17s re-releasing with the silver briefcase?

How do you feel about the high prices?

Jordan is really taxing the consumer, but ill probably buy a few pairs soon

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