Pro Principles Feature: An American Perspective Pt. 2 – Kuruption Ain’t Nothing New

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Listening to music seems to create a productive environment when looking through articles. Incidentally, Kurupt’s album, Kuruption, was banging through the speakers when researching articles about Sep Batter and alleged Kuruption.  The result, c = k.

Sep Batter is FIFA’s head honcho/Kapo/Don. The articles detail the investigation into a questionable fund transfer between FIFA’ s kurrent president Sepp Blatter and this French guy Michel Platini who is looking to replace Sepp Blatter as president of FIFA.

THE RUNDOWN: In 2011, Blatter authorized a payment to Platini for work duties karried out in previous years while Platini worked under Sepp Blatter (from 98-02). Platini claims the 2 million Swiss francs payment was for unpaid salary. On October 8th  2015, both Blatter and Platini were placed on a 90-day suspension after the Swiss government initiated an investigation. Neither one plans to resign from their kurrent positions as high-level soccer officials. Falsification of documents and accounts regarding the 2mill fund transfer has also been alleged.

In my opinion, which is in no way an indictment of their actions, both guys look like two kurupt white dudes; (A krude description, based on pictures I saw). These individuals are in the perfect position to get over on FIFA and earn illicit income. A position where kash flow is high and it seems, accountability is low. In general I kould kare less how an individual earns money, illegal or legal. But I kan’t agree with actions that affect the integrity of the game. Soccer’s global impression breeds kuruption. There are “well known” kountries willing to pay for hosting major events. On the other end of the spectrum, lesser know kountries willing to pay for exposure and recognition.


  • I was listening to Kurupt when I started this article.
  • Kuruption ain’t new
  • Say tuned to Pro Principles for Updates

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